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The major use is as a monomer in the production of polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMEG), a component of cast and thermoplastic urethane elastomers, polyurethane stretch fibers (spandex), and high-performance copolyester-polyether elastomers (COPE). A smaller amount of THF is used as a solvent in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cements, coatings, reactor cleaning, film casting, synthetic leather, precision magnetic tape manufacture, electroplating and as a reaction solvent.

It can be directly used for synthetic fibers, synthetic resins, synthetic rubber and synthetic leather. It is also used for preparation of adiponitrile, adipic acid, hexamethylene diamine, succinic acid, butanediol, and γ-butyrolactone. In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used for the production of carbetapentane, progesterone, rifamycin and pharmaceutical solvents. In the field of organic synthesis, it can be used for producing tetrahydrothiophene, 1, 4-dichloroethane, 2, 3-dichloro-tetrahydrofuran, valerolactone, butyrolactone and pyrrolidone.

It can be used as the odor agent (identification additive) in fuel gas. It is used in cellophane coating, printing inks for plastics, chromatographic solvent for gel permeation chromatography and a reaction solvent for Grignard reagents like Alkali metals, alkyl and arylalkali metal compounds, Alkali metal aluminum hydrides and borohydrides, Steroids and high-molecular-weight organic polymers. It is also used an intermediate of nylon 66, synthetic pesticides fenbutatin.

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